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    Giant P-SLR1


    Giant P-SLR 1 road bike tyres feature 120 tpi casing and a unique off-set join enabling a centre line wear indicator. Lightweight, durable and fast.

    Engineered PerformanceAs the primary contact between you and the road, tires are just below the frame and wheels in importance and the performance . Giant’s new tires improve performance and provide precise handling without sacrificing ride comfort—including details like high-quality casingmaterials, front and rear specific rubber compounds, smooth grippytread designs and in-mold wear indicators on all models.


    - 120 tpi casing
    - Centre line wear indicator
    - Kevlar bead
    - Sticky 60/64/60a front tread
    - Durable and fast 64/70/64a rear tread
    - 210g per tyre

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