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    Giant Drikkeblære 2liter


    Giant Source WidePac Hydration Pack Reservoir features a whole range of advanced technical features from Source - the leading supplier of hydration reservoirs. WidePac openening means easy filling, emptying and access all wrapped up in a taste free, anti-bacterial container that stays fresh for days.


    - WidePac TM wide opening for easy fill, empty and clean
    - Helix Valve TM intergated shut off valve means no mess and no leaking
    - Dirt-Shield TM keeps the mouthpiece clean
    - Glass-Like TM is a new generation of hydration system where cleaning is easy and liquid stays fresh longer
    - Grunge-Guard TM anti-microbial technology eliminates bacteria growth
    - Taste-Free TM high tech co-extruded film and tube technology so you taste your drink only not the taste of plastic
    - SQC TM Source Quick Connect means hassle free attachment and detachment of tubes, mouthpieces and accessories

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