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From sport level to professional riders, the correct choice in chamois and bibs makes a crucial difference. In order to provide an optimal ride experience, Giant chamois technology builds on three fundamental points:


Giant chamois are designed with a variety of padding densities to ensure maximum comfort every time, no matter how far and for how long you plan to ride. In order to choose the best chamois for your experience, consult the chart below to see which chamois suits your ride best and then put on your bibs of choice and sit on the bike in a racing position. Check that the perineal area and sit bones, the anatomical points subjected to the greatest pressure, are sufficiently protected.

Giant performance series chamois provide triple density protection — with advanced fabric at the surface to stop bacteria and prevent saddle sores, deeper high-density layers that support the body at critical pressure points for unmatched comfort and a fit that feels like it was made just for you.


PROCOMFOR™ chamois is designed and constructed by CUORE to give elite racers and serious riders a tailor-made fit. PROCOMFOR™ is the most technologically advanced chamois in the Giant line, with multi-density foam for comfort, carbon yarn for increased breathability and Swiss made Schoeller® performance fabric for maximum moisture transfer.

ProComfor™ Chamois

E.I.T Liege™

Approved and tested by Giant’s pro teams, the E.I.T Liege chamois features a minimalist shape with only the smoothest top layer of the pad in contact with the rider. The central perennial channel provides stability in the saddle and maximum pressure relief on soft tissue to improve blood flow.

E.I.T Liege™ Chamois


The E.I.T. RONDE is a dual-density pad that protects both perineal and ischial areas. Featuring multi-directional curvature and a smooth surface, it provides a great fit, enhanced stability and as well as gradual transition areas. The central channel is engineered according to specific anthropometrical parameters that support male anatomy while in saddle, relieving pressure and favoring blood flow.



With 3D multi-density memory foam for perineal and ischial protection, lateral shaped wings that adapt to body movement, and elastic micro-fiber performance fabric for maximum moisture transfer, The ELITECOMFOR™ chamois gives elite riders maximum performance.

Elitecomfor details

Giant sport series chamois offer optimal comfort and performance. Precisely engineered and positioned to provide essential form-fitting comfort, the chamois feature unique microfiber fabric that guarantees exceptional moisture control and hygiene while flat seams use stretch thread to compliment the movements of the body and eliminate chafing.


A special laminate construction featuring three perforated layers of memory foam increases breathability and vibration dampening. Perforated medium-density memory foam provides all-day comfort and support.

Sportcomfor™ Chamois


The BRS Berenis Gravel Chamois is more compact compared to a traditional road cycling pad to provide freedom of movement on transitions from road to off-road. The reticulated PRO Air foam on the cover improves air permeability as the frontal mesh insert and high density PRO TRI reticulated core foam provide comfort and support over long distances.


BRS Berenis Mustang™

The Berenis Mustang chamois adapts high density PRO EVO foam to offer extra protection on long, intense rides.

mustang details

Giant core series chamois is a dual density chamois developed to provide freedom of movement, maximum protection and superior comfort.


TransTextura Plus™ technology with 4-way stretch fabric provides moisture management and permanent anti-odor and antibacterial properties. Super density foam provides outstanding support and compliance.

Corecomfor™ Chamois

BRS Berenis Core Evo™

Berenis Core Evo chamois features a wide shape, 3D wing design and a gradual transition between foam levels for increased comfort for more riders everywhere.