Work at Flevoland’s most sporty company as Material Planner? Giant Manufacturing in Lelystad has a vacancy for a full time colleague in the purchasing department, which is the link between Asia and Lelystad.The current colleague makes space for a talented material planner who speaks fluently Mandarin.

在Flevoland (弗萊福蘭省)充滿活力的運動品牌公司工作?
Giant Europe Manufacturing BV(歐洲巨大機械工業有限公司)在Lelystad(莱利斯塔德)正在尋找一名全職亞洲物料採購人員

Main goal of the job as Material Planner:

To ensure materials, commodities, parts and services are available in accordance with fixed conditions with reliable quality and with the lowest possible sales costs, through the management of material planning.

Description of the job-activities:


  • The review, release and control of (all kinds of) orders in the system
  • Maintain and control the Container Load Plans and confirmations
  • Setting up and arranging delivery instructions for suppliers and sellers
  • Coordinating and executing the purchase of after service and sample parts
  • Transmiting the required information to the Planning

MRPS activities (internal ERP tool)

  • Maintain the part master file and the dependent requirements
  • Maintain the specification changes and substitutions in the system
  • Control of system inventory and reliability and, if necessary (in consultation) take action
  • Following exception codes

Other activities

  • Supports and grants services to the production department if necessary

Required Knowledge

  • Company policy, objectives and organization
  • Production methods and quality requirements of the different products of the company
  • Production materials and article numbering
  • Purchase Team Activities, Procedures and Objectives
  • Uses of the company’s manufacturing support system
  • Currency relations and developments
  • Modern languages

Work context

  • Works according to the procedures and objectives of the Purchase Team, Material Requirement Planning orders and according to the instruction of the Team Leader Purchase;
  • Is authorized to modify and release the purchase orders and to perform the activities in the MRPS;
  • Controls system inventory and takes action (in consultation) if necessary;
  • Is authorized to coordinate the purchase of after service and sample parts.

Is responsible for

  • In time delivery of production materials to production with the lowest possible sales costs and with reliable quality, by properly processing, releasing and controlling purchase orders and the dependent requirements and proper execution of the MRPS activities
  • Accuracy of the transmitted information to the planning
  • The best possible support of the production department


There are contacts with

  • Suppliers and sellers for the purchase of after service and sample parts
  • Other Purchase Team employees regarding the normal flow of information and the resolution of potential problems
  • Other departments (including Planning, Quality Assurance, Product Engineering and Warehouse) with regard to discussing and solving problems with the Purchase / Production process


Required for

  • Release of purchase orders, CLP confirmations and purchase of after service and sample parts
  • Discussing (of solutions) problems with the Purchase Team staff and other departments