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No matter what type of off-road terrain you ride, Giant’s Maestro Suspension helps you make the most of your efforts. Control, traction, comfort, speed — Maestro offers all levels of riders the benefits of pure suspension performance. From fast and efficient XC bikes to long-travel downhill machines, Maestro is an adaptable full-suspension platform that delivers smooth, active rear suspension for all types of trails and conditions.

Factores Clave de Rendimiento

Pedaling Efficiency

Whether you’re sprinting up a climb or hammering through a rock garden, Maestro Suspension performs consistently under pedaling power and doesn’t compromise efficiency.

Complete Suspension Activity

From high-frequency trail vibrations to big-hit compressions, Maestro Suspension soaks up the full spectrum of trail impacts.

Total Brake Independence

Even under full-braking force, Maestro Suspension stays active and gives you better control.


Maestro Suspension with interactive tooltips

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