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Bicycling Names Contend Road Bike "Best for New Riders"

miércoles, 11 de noviembre de 2020


Bicycling Magazine selected the Contend road bike for a feature story titled “The Best Road Bikes You Can Buy Right Now.” Editors named the Contend 3 model the “Best for New Riders.”

“Giant’s entry-level road bikes have consistently amazed us with their performance and smooth ride,” claimed Bicycling’s test team. “The newest generation Contend is a little sharper handling without losing its less aggressive riding position. And it still offers superb performance that far exceeds expectations.”
Test editors Matt Jacobs and Gabriel Lodge wrote a full review of the Contend 3 last year, stating: “I can plainly say that this frame is on par with other aluminum road bikes I’ve ridden that are twice its price. The geometry places you in a relatively upright position, which made riding tempo and spinning uphill feel less taxing than when on racier models, and it was surprisingly compliant when I was riding over 20 mph.”
For more, check out the story at Bicycling.com.
And for all the details on the entire Contend range, click here. 


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