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A quick and simple adjustment on the new Revolt lets you fine tune your bike for the way you ride. A two-position flip chip located on the rear dropout changes the wheelbase, along with rear-wheel tire clearance, so you can get the best performance out of the bike depending on the terrain and your riding style.


You’ll find a flip chip on each side of the rear dropout that can be set to a long or short position. The integrated system consists of eccentric, offset hardware that can be easily loosened, removed and flipped to the long or short setting using common tools.

  1. Short Position: When the flip chip is in the short position, the wheelbase is shorter (1026mm on a medium frame). In this position, you have clearance for tires up to 45mm.
  2. Long Position: When the flip chip is in the long position, the wheelbase extends 10mm (1036 mm on a medium frame) and you get added clearance for a larger diameter rear tire up to 53mm.


Short Position: A shorter wheelbase results in a quicker, more agile ride quality. This is a great option when riding mixed terrain that combines paved roads with smooth, fast gravel and dirt. The responsive feel, combined with smaller diameter (and lighter weight) tires, makes it a smart choice when speed, efficiency and quick handling matter most.

Long Position: The long position extends the wheelbase, which adds stability for more rugged gravel and dirt. And with added rear tire clearance (up to 53mm), it allows you to choose high-volume tires for added traction and control. The long position is a great choice for rides and routes that might include fast, loose descents and tricky off-road climbs.