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Integración completa, rápida y plana. Construida para satisfacer las demandas de los triatletas profesionales y los campeones del mundo en pruebas contrarreloj. Con la velocidad de una bala, es única en su clase. Experimenta el mejor rendimiento aerodinámico.

Integrated Aero. Ready to Race.

Engineered using Computational Fluid Dynamics and dynamic wind-tunnel testing, the Trinity Advanced Pro delivers a proven aerodynamic advantage. Handcrafted from premium Advanced-grade composite and meticulously formed with Giant’s AeroSystem Shaping Technology, it slices through the wind better than any bike in its class. Made for real-world triathlon performance, it offers a comfortable fit for long distance training and racing. And its unique AeroVault system includes an integrated front hydration unit, top tube storage box and downtube water bottle that, together, actually improve the bike’s aero performance on the road.

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Advanced Composite Technology
AeroSystem Shaping Technology
Tubeless System