This technology allows riders to quickly adjust the geometry and choose a rear wheel size (29-inch or 27.5-inch) for their riding style and terrain. It’s available on select Maestro-equipped mountain bikes. The adjustment affects head tube and seat tube angles, bottom bracket height, and rear-wheel size using eccentric flip chip hardware located on the upper rocker arm of the rear suspension.


This technology provides three positions (high, mid and low) using two different flip chips—a combination high/low chip or a dedicated mid-position chip.

How Does it Change My Ride Experience?

High Position:

From a riding perspective, a steeper head tube angle makes the bike handle quicker and a steeper seat tube angle places the rider in more aggressive climbing position. Also, a higher bottom bracket improves pedal clearance, allowing riders to pedal through rocky and rooty terrain with fewer pedal strikes. The high position is the recommended setting for slower, tighter, more technical terrain.

Mid Position:

The mid-position flip chip places the overall geometry of the bike in a neutral position—the ideal balance of speed and stability for most riders, in most trail conditions. This mid position is best suited for the 29/29-inch wheel configuration.

Low Position:

Having a slacker head tube angle gives the bike more stability at speed and increased confidence on steeper terrain by placing the front wheel a bit farther out in front of the rider. Additionally, a lower bottom bracket height lowers the center of gravity of the bike and rider, making it even more stable at high speeds. The low position is ideal for faster, more open terrain.


Trance X

Riders can adjust frame geometry and choose a rear wheel size (29-inch or 27.5-inch) to suit their riding style and terrain by using Flip Chip - Meastro 3.

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Flip Chip - Maestro 3 gives riders the ability to adjust the geometry of the new Reign Advanced Pro and Reign to suit their riding style and terrain.

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