Calls Revolt Advanced Gravel Bike "Fast and Fun"!

jueves, 6 de febrero de 2020


The website published a new review of the Giant Revolt Advanced gravel bike, giving it a near-perfect 4-star ranking (out of 5) and calling it a “properly fast gravel racer that blends stiffness and comfort very well.”

Tester Stu Kerton was impressed with the responsive ride quality of his Revolt Advanced 2 test bike with a composite frame and fork: “Not only does the Revolt look purposeful with its boxy carbon fiber tube profiles, it rides that way as well. The harder your ride it, the more you get back.”

Kerton wrote that he appreciated how the frame geometry and build make it a true all-around performer on both road and gravel/dirt sections. He pointed to its D-Fuse technology as one of the key factors in its comfort and handling on rougher sections.

“The seatpost is Giant’s own D-Fuse, a narrow carbon post with a D-shaped profile,” he wrote. Over the rough stuff it really takes out the worst of the bumps and vibration, so at speed you aren't getting bounced around in the saddle, which makes you more efficient. The Contact XR handlebar is also D-Fuse and thanks to the subtle flex it controls comfort at the front end. After a few three-hour rides predominantly on gravel I felt very relaxed and wasn't suffering with any fatigue through my lower back muscles or wrists.”

That added compliance also helped boost his performance on long rides, Kerton wrote: “On longer rides, this added comfort along with how the Giant behaves means you can cover a lot of distance quickly, and when you reach the foot of a steep hill you feel fresher so you have the energy to get out of the saddle and blast your way up.”

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