Riding Gravel: High Praise for New Charge Elite Shoe!

miércoles, 14 de agosto de 2019


The website Riding Gravel posted a review of the new Charge Elite footwear, praising the MTB and gravel riding shoe for its fit, comfort and pedaling efficiency.

Riding Gravel tester “Grannygear” wore the Charge Elites in a variety of conditions, both on and off the bike, and had this conclusion:

“My thoughts? The best shoes I have used in some time. From the very beginning these have been so comfortable that I feel like I have been in them for a full season. No break in, no stiffness. No binding or pinching.”

Looking at the fit, feel and key features in the shoe, he wrote:

The single BOA dial has been very good, and long with the single Velcro strap down low on the fore foot, has not had me wishing for a second dial. The pull across the shoe with the BOA system has a very even feel to it, more so than I can get with multiple straps. The Charge Elites are very good to walk in, with just enough give to allow the shoe to flex slightly and not stress the heel of your foot as it tries to lift (but cannot due to the grippy fabric) with each step.

Summing it up, he wrote: “I simply have nothing bad to say about them. I even like the color.”  

For more, check out the full review at ridinggravel.com.

And for more information on the Charge Elites, including photos and technical features, click here.