NSMB Long-Term Review: TRX WheelSystem “Exceeds Expectations”!

jueves, 26 de septiembre de 2019


The website NSMB.com published a long-term review of the new Giant TRX WheelSystem, detailing their findings after 700km of hard riding and racing on the composite trail riding wheels.

NSMB tester Tim Coleman tested the wheels with different tires, riding and racing extreme terrain on the famous North Shore trails of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada throughout the summer. He concluded in the end that the TRX 0 WheelSystem is “a well thought out, and well executed wheelset [that] proved to be a top performer on the trails while exceeding my expectations.”

Coleman reported on the technical features of the wheels in a first review back in May, describing the new rim profile and Dynamic Balanced Lacing (DBL) technology. In this review, he focused on ride impressions and durability.

“In this year's local racing series (the NSMBA Fiver World Series), we raced some of the roughest trails around,” Coleman wrote. “In one race I clipped one tree and rode full speed directly into another. The front tire took the brunt of the impact, which then twisted and bent the fork. The impact was violent, and the force to bend the fork passed directly through the wheel, which was shockingly unaffected.”

Summing it up, Coleman wrote: “Ultimately I'm impressed with the strength and durability of the Giant TRX wheels."

For more, check out the full review at NSMB.com.

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