CyclingTips Praises "Progressive" Contend AR All-Road Bike

martes, 15 de octubre de 2019


CyclingTips has been testing the new Contend AR, a versatile all-road version of the Contend road bike, and the website posted its in-depth review along with a video feature. Tech Editor Dave Rome praised the versatility, ride quality and features of the bike, which he claims make it “a progressive take on where road bikes are headed.”

Describing how he sees the Contend AR fitting into the evolving landscape of drop-bar bikes, Rome wrote: “With geometry that’s well in line with a good endurance-style road bike, and tyre clearance for up to 38mm rubber, the Contend AR is a road bike sprinkled with a fine coating of versatility magic dust.”

Rome tested the Contend AR 1 model on roads and gravel. On the tarmac, the Contend AR feels much like many other road bike at this price point, just more comfortable with what you can point it at,” he wrote. “It can be sporty and tipped into corners at whatever speed you choose, and at the same time, feels happy cruising along when there’s no urgency in your legs. The endurance-style geometry may create a comfortable riding position, but it’s the big tyres and clever D-shaped composite seatpost that create the comfortable ride.”

Summing it up, Rome wrote: “For many riders, a bike like this will be the only drop-bar bike they’ll need. It has enough tyre clearance and riding comfort to handle gravel roads or daily commuting, while still remaining lively enough for road group rides. Yep, it’s a bike that’s easy to get long with, easy to ride, and easy to afford.”

For more, check out the full review at, including this video feature. 

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