CycleTech Review: Recon is "Best Self-Contained Light on the Market"!

miércoles, 26 de febrero de 2020


The website posted a review of the Recon HL1600, a powerful Giant headlight system for road or mountain bikes. Tester Josh Ross found that it performed flawlessly on the road and called it “the best self-contained front bike light on the market.”

Ross detailed some of the key features and technologies in the light system, writing: The Giant Recon HL1600 has a bevy of smart features that may be of interest to some. When paired with a speed sensor the SpeedBeam function is available. In this configuration the HL1600 adjusts output based on your speed. Ride faster and the light gets brighter. The Recon headlight series can also track ambient light sources and change the output (Smart Mode 2) to ensure you have enough light to finish your ride. Pair with Garmin computers and you can see the battery information and light mode on the screen.”

As for its performance, Ross was impressed. “Actually using the light, everything performed well,” he wrote. “The bottom line is that the Giant HL1600 comes with more mount options than its primary competitors. It’s also cheaper with an MSRP of $126 [U.S.], and it has longer runtimes. This is a solid option for just about everyone who spends their time riding a bike in the dark.”

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