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BikeRadar Review: Near Perfect Score for Anthem 29!


After posting an initial review on the 2018 Anthem 29 late last year, has now put the full-suspension XC bike through a long-term ride test, publishing its full review this week and praising its performance with a near-perfect 4.5 (out of 5) star ranking.

Staff writer Colin Levitch details the frame geometry, features and technologies in the revamped 29er, and how the updates affect its performance.

“The first thing I noticed about the bike was how flickable the rear end felt,” Levitch wrote. “It’s confidence inspiring on the descents and I immediately felt at home ripping into corners at speed and hitting jumps and drops. The geometry puts you in an aggressive position and the bike wants to go fast.”

Levitch also highlighted some of the components, including the XC-1 29 Giant WheelSystem that comes with a tubeless setup. “To Giant’s credit, it is one of the few brands offering truly tubeless-ready wheels out of the box, meaning the wheels come with rim strips and valves installed,” Levitch wrote. “Two single-serving bottles of sealant are even included in the box.”

Summing up the experience riding the new Anthem 29, Levitch wrote: “After spending some quality time with the Anthem 29er, it’s clear that Giant has returned the Anthem to its unapologetic racing roots. The updated geometry and choice of components make for an XC racer that is a hoot to ride.”

For more, check out the full review at And to learn all about the full 2018 Anthem 29 range, click here. 

viernes, 09 de febrero de 2018