Bike Mag Praises Reign Advanced Pro 29 in Annual Bible Review!

lunes, 6 de enero de 2020


Bike magazine featured the 2020 Reign Advanced Pro 29 in its annual gear guide, “The Bible of Bike Tests,” putting it the test on the trails of Park City, Utah, and claiming the full composite enduro bike “climbs and descends beautifully, and above all it’s fun.”

Before even riding it, Bike editors were struck by the design and aesthetics of their Reign Advanced Pro 0 test bike. “Chameleon Saturn is the name of the dazzling green hue on the Giant Reign,” wrote tester Simon Stewart. “It hands-down won the best paint award, and combined with Giant’s new Tensio design language, which imparts the frame with beautiful flowing lines, creates a very handsome machine.”

But it was on the trail where the Reign Advanced Pro 29 really shined. “Ride impressions were consistent across the board,” Stewart wrote. “Testers praised the Maestro suspension’s small-bump compliance, with some calling it best-in-class. It feels light and coaxes you to take more challenging lines while climbing. The relatively long wheel base and supportive suspension produced a speed-hungry, stable ride, yet in contrast to that stability, it was also surprisingly playful.”

For more, check out the full review at the Bike Magazine website, and also this video roundtable discussion among Bike magazine editors. 

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