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Giant’s latest EnergyPak battery systems feature streamlined designs that are integrated with the E-bike for a sleek and modern profile.There are two levels of EnergyPak—the EnergyPak and EnergyPak Smart. We also offer EnergyPak Plus, a range extender that helps prevent you from running out of power before reaching your destination.


EnergyPak Smart

EnergyPak Smart is our most premium battery technology and is cleanly integrated into the frame. It has our Battery Management System for continuous communication between the battery and charger for optimized charging performance. EnergyPak Smart batteries can charge your battery up to 80 percent in 1.45 hours for the EnergyPak Smart 500. The EnergyPak Smart is compatible with EnergyPak Plus.

Integrated Battery
Battery Lock
Charging Port


Giant’s EnergyPak is well-built for carrier and side release mounting and comes with an advanced 4A charger with BMS system, so the battery can be charged quickly and efficiently.

Carrier Battery
FastRoad E+ EX Pro with EnergyPak
Side Release Battery

EnergyPak Plus

The EnergyPak Plus Range Extender gives you 240Wh of additional capacity. It’s extremely lightweight and compact, and still has all the latest battery technology combined with an up-to-date design that fits a selected number of bikes. This range extender provides peace of mind that you will always reach your destination.