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엑스티씨 SLR 1



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Get faster lap times on smooth, fast singletrack. This lightweight aluminum hardtail makes quick work of the climbs and keeps you connected to the trail.

With a responsive frame made from our lightest aluminum material, ALUXX SLR, this lively hardtail with 27.5 wheels is perfect for fast, smooth singletrack terrain. An efficient off-roader that’s great for XC climbs and modern, purpose-built mountain bike trails, it gets you up the hills faster so you can enjoy the descent. A suspension fork combined with our OverDrive steerer tube absorbs rocks, roots and ruts and keeps you in control. The MegaDrive downtube and toptube combo helps boost stiffness in the chassis. And the PowerCore bottom bracket delivers efficient pedaling and acceleration.

Key Performance Factors

Lightweight and responsive

Our lightest aluminum frame material, ALUXX SLR, gives XC riders an edge for climbing, accelerating and sprinting.

27.5 agility and control

27.5-inch wheels balance agility and control, giving you the ability to roll over rugged terrain, change lines and accelerate quickly.

Smooths out singletrack

A 100mm suspension fork keeps you in control while riding rocks, roots and ruts.

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사이즈XS, S, M, L
색상Black / Neon Red
프레임ALUXX SLR-Grade Aluminum
포크Fox FLOAT SC 27.5 100mm
핸들바Giant Connect TR, 31.8
스템Giant Contact
싯포스트Giant D-Fuse, composite
변속기Shimano Deore XT
앞 변속기Shimano Deore XT
뒷 변속기Shimano Deore XT
브레이크Shimano Deore XT
브레이크 레버Shimano Deore XT
스프라켓Shimano, 10x45
체인Shimano SLX
크랭크 셋Shimano Deore XT, 26/36
BBShimano, press fit
Giant alloy, double wall
허브[F]Shimano 15x110, sealed bearing [R]Shimano 12x142, sealed bearing
타이어Giant Quicksand 27.5x2.1,
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적용 가능한 범위는 국가마다 다를 수 있습니다.

  • XS
      155 cm5’1”  to 165 cm5’5”
  • S
      163 cm5’4”  to 172 cm5’8”
  • M
      171 cm5’7”  to 180 cm5’11”
  • L
      179 cm5’10”  to 188 cm6’2”
bike diagram
시트 튜브 길이 (mm) (inch)35013.839015.444017.349019.3
시트 튜브 각도 (degrees)73.5°73.5°73.0°73.0°
탑튜브 길이 (mm) (inch)55521.957522.659523.461524.2
헤드 튜브 길이 (mm) (inch)953.7953.71003.91104.3
헤드튜브 각도 (degrees)69.5°69.5°69.5°69.5°
포크 레이크 (mm) (inch)421.7421.7421.7421.7
트레일 (mm) (inch)883.5883.5883.5883.5
휠베이스 (mm) (inch)105341.5107342.2108842.8110943.7
체인스테이 길이 (mm) (inch)43016.943016.943016.943016.9
BB (mm) (inch)502502502502
스택 (mm) (inch)58022.858022.85852359423.4
범위 (mm) (inch)38315.140315.941616.443317
스탠드 오버 (mm) (inch)68827.170627.873929.177530.5
핸들바 폭 (mm) (inch)78030.778030.778030.778030.7
스템 길이 (mm) (inch)502602.4702.8803.1
크랭크 길이 (mm) (inch)1706.71706.71756.91756.9
휠사이즈 27.5"27.5"27.5"27.5"


ALUXX SLR Aluminum Technology

나열된 모든 사양은 사전 통보없이 변경 될 수 있습니다.