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엑스티씨 Jr 24+



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Big tires, big fun. This junior-sized mountain bike has loads of traction and stability, giving young riders confidence to improve their skills and have more fun riding off-road.

The XtC Jr. 24+ is designed to give young riders more confidence and control. Featuring a lightweight ALUXX aluminum frame with a low stand-over height and geometry designed for smaller bodies, it has stable handling to help ride tricky sections of trail. Its specially sized, smaller diameter 24-inch wheels come with extra-wide 2.8-inch tires, which add comfort and traction. The soft, cushy tires can be ridden with lower air pressure, giving the bike a smooth ride on rocky, bumpy trails. It also features a lightweight, easy-to-use 1x9 drivetrain, powerful disc brakes, and youth-sized components for added comfort and control.

Key Performance Factors

Lightweight frame

ALUXX-grade aluminum frame provides a lightweight, purpose-built chassis for aspiring young off-road riders.

Confidence and control

24-inch wheels and high-volume “Plus” size tires create a cushioned off-road ride quality for added control and confidence.

Kid-friendly features

Youth-specific performance components help young riders improve their off-road skills.

사이즈one size
색상Gunmetal Black
프레임ALUXX-Grade Aluminum
핸들바Giant Sport, alloy, 31.8
스템forged alloy Ahead, 8-degree
싯포스트alloy, single-bolt, 30.9x350
안장Giant Grow Technology
변속기Shimano Altus SL-M315
앞 변속기N/A
뒷 변속기Shimano Altus
브레이크Shimano MT-200, hydraulic disc
브레이크 레버Shimano
스프라켓Shimano HG31, 11x34
체인KMC Z7
크랭크 셋alloy forged, 32t
alloy, 35mm width
허브Giant Disc, 28h, 100/148, QR, alloy, disc
스포크stainless, 14g
타이어CST C1918, 24x2.8
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  • One Size
      130 cm4’3”  to 150 cm4’11”
bike diagram
  One Size
시트 튜브 길이 (mm) (inch)30512
시트 튜브 각도 (degrees)73.0°
탑튜브 길이 (mm) (inch)52020.5
헤드 튜브 길이 (mm) (inch)1104.3
헤드튜브 각도 (degrees)70.0°
포크 레이크 (mm) (inch)401.6
트레일 (mm) (inch)81.93.2
휠베이스 (mm) (inch)99939.3
체인스테이 길이 (mm) (inch)42516.7
BB (mm) (inch)451.8
스택 (mm) (inch)52020.5
범위 (mm) (inch)36114.2
스탠드 오버 (mm) (inch)57122.5
핸들바 폭 (mm) (inch)64025.2
스템 길이 (mm) (inch)602.4
크랭크 길이 (mm) (inch)1526
휠사이즈 24"


ALUXX Aluminum Technology

나열된 모든 사양은 사전 통보없이 변경 될 수 있습니다.