Almost anything goes in gravel racing and riding. It’s a mixed-up challenge of speed, endurance and handling. This high-performance all-rounder does it all. It’s smooth, it’s efficient, and it’s your new best friend for pushing limits on roads, gravel and dirt. 

Key Performance Factors

다재다능한 그래블 지오메트리

새로운 그래블 라이딩 지오메트리는 엔듀런스 포지셔닝과 짧은 체인스테이가 특징입니다. 험난한 지형에서 정확한 핸들링, 민첩한 제어력을 느낄 수 있습니다.

그래블 전용 튠

강성을 유지하며 충격 흡수를 극대화시킨 새로운 컨택트 SLR D-Fuse 핸들바와 D-Fuse 싯포스트로 보다 공격적인 주행이 가능합니다. 클리어런스를 확보하여 45c 타이어를 장착할 수 있습니다.

올라운더 효율성

페달링 파워를 극대화하는 어드밴스 카본 프레임은 보다 부드럽고 빠른 주행감을 제공합니다.



This high-performance all-rounder made a big splash with its 2018 debut, landing podium finishes at big-time gravel events including Grinduro and the unofficial “Gravel Worlds” in the U.S. It’s designed around a lightweight Advanced composite frameset with gravel-riding geometry, so you can tackle long, hard rides with greater control and less fatigue. A composite fork eats up bumps, and the D-Fuse seatpost and Contact XR D-Fuse handlebar absorb shocks and vibrations. The frame is integrated for disc brakes and has clearance for larger tires up to 45c so you can float through the rough stuff. Add in some clever frame details, including the X-Defender downtube protector and smart mount system for racks and accessories, and you have everything you need for your gravel adventures.

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