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Climb faster and bomb down technical terrain with more confidence. This proven off-road performer helps you float up the hills and have more fun on the descents.

Key Performance Factors

XC/Trail Versatility

경량 알루미늄 프레임은 테크니컬한 지형에 최적화된 27.5 휠 전용으로 설계되었습니다.

Traction and control

Advanced Forged Composite와 Trunnion 마운트를 적용한 새로운 마에스트로 서스페션 시스템으로 부드러운 서스펜션 성능을 느낄 수 있습니다.

Off-road innovations

튜브를 사용하지 않는 GIANT 휠 시스템, 부스트 허브 스페이싱 및 GIANT 드롭퍼 가변 싯포스트는 오프로드 주행 성능을 향상시킵니다.



The Anthem is built on a lightweight ALUXX SL aluminum frame that’s specifically engineered for quick and agile 27.5 wheels. It features the latest Maestro rear suspension design, giving you 110mm of rear travel with a trunnion-mount shock for smoother performance and an Advanced Forged upper rocker arm for added stiffness. You get additional travel up front, with a 130mm fork that offers added control in the rough stuff.  Boost hub spacing and a Tubeless Ready Giant WheelSystem offer a solid connection to the ground, and the OverDrive steerer tube gives you precise steering control.

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Advanced Forged Composite Technology
ALUXX SL Aluminum Technology
Maestro Suspension Technology
Tubeless System