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카테고리 선택

카테고리 선택

카테고리 선택

라이드센스 센서 (블루투스/ANT+ 겸용)

50,000 원


RideSense 2.0 adds BLE (Bluetooth® Low Energy) to the existing ANT+ connectivity so your bike and performance data are more connected than ever before. Send cadence and speed data directly to any BLE enabled device including Apple & Android devices running applications such as Strava. The sleek RideSense 2.0 unit fits neatly into any Giant or Liv RideSense Ready bicycle frame instantly connecting your bike, using the existing RideSense port so you can upgrade your existing ANT+ unit. Comes complete with speed and cadence magnets.


  • ANT+ / 블루투스 지원
  • 속도/케이던스 측정
  • 자석 포함
  • 전용 마운트 내장 프레임에만 장착 가능

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