에스케이프 Jr 24




Transportation, fitness and fun. Escape is all these things and more. Choose your mission, hop on and go.

With its lightweight ALUXX aluminum frame and smooth, stable 24" wheels, Escape is your ticket to on-road versatility. Ride city streets or country roads. For commuting, fitness, or just for the fun of it. Confident upright geometry and a wide range of gears give it a sporty ride quality. Whatever road or path you choose, Escape is always up for the adventure.

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사이즈One Size
색상Blue , Black
프레임ALUXX-Grade Aluminum
포크high-tensile steel rigid Fork, 1-1/8, 25.4mm steel steerer
핸들바low , 25.4mm, 560mm width
스템Alloy Ahead
싯포스트Alloy single-bolt, 27.2 x 300mm
안장Giant Youth
페달One-piece Black PP, 9/16
변속기Shimano RS35
앞 변속기N/A
뒷 변속기Shimano Tourney
브레이크Alloy linear pull
브레이크 레버Alloy Jr. adjustable reach
체인KMC HV500
크랭크 셋alloy 3-piece, 36 with chain guard
BBloose ball
Giant Youth 24, 6061 aluminum
허브Joytech nutted type, 32H
타이어CST road, 24x1.25
추가 기능bell, kickstand, RD protector
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나열된 모든 사양은 사전 통보없이 변경 될 수 있습니다.