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카테고리 선택

카테고리 선택

카테고리 선택

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Direct power transfer for out of the saddle exertions and sprints blended with all day comfort - that's the all-new Conduit. Featuring Giant's ForceDrive™ carbon composite outsole and two BOA closure system you'll feel every Watt transfer into motion. Giant's on-road comfort last construction and seamless upper combined with Airstream™ 5-vent cooling system and TransTextura Plus™ antibacterial footbed combine to keep you comfortable and fresh for longer.


  • 유연한 원활한 어퍼
  • 좌우 대칭 디자인 두 BOA IP1
  • Force Drive 카본 밑창
  • AirStreaming 5-Vent Cooling System 환기
  • 탈취 효과가 높은 TransTexturaPlus ™를 채용 한 2Density ErgoComfort 깔창

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