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카테고리 선택

카테고리 선택

카테고리 선택

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Conduct Hydraulic Disc Brakes Upgrade Kit is the perfect way to improve the stopping power of your mechanical disc brake equipped road bike - deLivering you the benefits of hydraulic discs; improved braking power and a sealed lower maintenance system, with minimal hassle and cost. What Do I Need To Fit These Brakes?

  1. An existing bicycle fitted with mechanical flat mount disc brakes
  2. A frame and fork with flat mounts
  3. If you are fitting to a non-Giant / non-Liv branded bike you will need a compatible stem with the correct 31.8mm face plate & bolt pattern - such as the Giant Contact
  4. Disc wheels and rotors / discs
  5. If you want to fit a front 140mm disc you will also need 1x 140mm flat mount adaptor (part 290000041)
  6. If you want to fit a rear 160mm disc you will also need 1x 160mm flat mount adaptor (part 290000042)


  • 캘리퍼 유형 : 포스트 마운트(290000031) 또는 플랫 마운트(290000032)
  • 대응 로터 직경 : 140mm, 160mm
  • 대응 브레이크 레버 : 시마노 ST-9001 듀라에이스, ST-6800 울테그라, ST-5800 105 및 리치 조절 범위 13.5MM의 시마노 STI 레버
  • 브레이크 오일 : 미네랄 오일
  • 장착 공임 별도

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