도전적인 트레일에서 최선을 다해 질주하라! 테크니컬한 코스를 따라 등반하고 자신감 넘치는 빠른 속도로 내리막길을 질주하는 29인치 트랜스는 새롭게 설계된 리어 서스펜션과 혁신적인 지오메트리를 사용해 라이더의 승리를 돕습니다.


Be your best on the most challenging trails. This super-versatile trail machine is built on an all-new ALUXX SL all-aluminum frameset that blends our latest Maestro suspension technology with progressive, trail-oriented geometry. To soak up every bump, from big rocks to small undulations, we gave it a trunnion mount shock and an Advanced Forged Composite upper rocker arm. This combination produces 115mm of smooth, active rear-wheel travel that puts you in control. Up front, it features a 130mm travel suspension fork, and the overall geometry has been tuned and developed to maximize its performance on rugged trails.

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