우승을 위해 어택하고 질주하라! 디스크 브레이크의 컨트롤과 프로 레이스를 위한 최고의 퍼포먼스를 선보이는 PROPEL ADVANCED SL DISC.


Reengineered with Giant’s AeroSystem Shaping technology, which means that every tube shape and angle is optimized for minimal drag with a new "truncated ellipse" shape, the Advanced SL-grade composite frame is ultra-stiff and superlight. And its new disc-brake technology is integrated with the frameset, including flat-mount calipers and thru-axles for optimal wheel stiffness and braking performance on the road. For pro-level road performance and the ultimate aero advantage, the new Propel Advanced SL Disc is way ahead of the pack. Here are the core technologies that set the Propel Advanced SL Disc apart from the competition.

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