당신과 포디움 사이에 있는 것은 울퉁불퉁한 바위, 가파른 드랍, 갭 점프, 그리고 스케치 라인 입니다. 이제 모든 것을 돌파하십시오. 이것이 이 DH 바이크가 탄생한 이유이며, 전 세계의 극한 DH 지형에서 프로 선수들에 의해 그 우수한 성능이 입증되었습니다.


In the world of pro DH racing, marginal gains mean everything. This composite gravity machine has been developed and perfected over the years to give Giant factory pros every advantage in a sport decided by fractions of a second. The latest version of the Glory Advanced breaks new ground in stiffness, weight and all-around performance. It features 203mm of fully active Maestro rear suspension on a superlight, stiff and strong composite mainframe. The frame geometry, engineered to optimize its 27.5 wheels, has helped deliver Marcelo Gutierrez to World Cup podiums on the world’s toughest courses. It’s the lightest composite DH frame ever produced by Giant, and it’s always hungry to win.

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