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카테고리 선택

카테고리 선택

카테고리 선택


에스케이프 Disc

빠르게 이동하거나 피트니스를 즐기기 위해 Escape와 함께하세요. 목표를 정하고 앞에 있는 길을 따라 모험을 떠나세요.


With its lightweight ALUXX aluminum frame and smooth, stable 700c wheels, Escape Disc is ticket to on-road versatility. Ride city streets or country roads. For commuting, fitness, or just for the fun of it. Confident upright geometry, a flat handlebar and a wide range of gears give it a sporty ride quality. Easy handling and powerful disc brakes make it a great choice for navigating city streets or crowded bike paths in all types of weather. Whatever road or path you choose, Escape Disc is always up for the adventure.  


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