가파른 도시 도로를 오르고 산악 트레일을 탐험하세요. 어떤 환경에서도 자유롭게 질주하는 바이크 ATX입니다.


Closely related to Giant XC and trail bikes, the ATX features the familiar flat-handlebar and 100mm suspension fork of a traditional XC mountain bike. A lightweight ALUXX aluminum frame, engineered with comfortable geometry for challenging terrain, adds to its rugged personality. The ATX also features size-specific wheel diameters—smaller size bikes use 26-inch wheels, while larger sizes use 27.5. This tailors the bike’s handling to every rider’s size and height. Powerful disc brake technology gives you confident handling no matter the weather or riding conditions. And integrated mounts let you easily add racks or fenders to suit your riding adventures.

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