빠른 속도로 달리는 테크니컬 지형에서 컨트롤과 속력을 향상시킬때, 카본 소재 Anthem Advanced 바이크는 가벼우면서 날렵하고 자신감있는 풀 서스펜션 핸들링을 보여줍니다. 업힐과 다운힐을 반복하며 거대한 산을 탐험하면서, 빠른 속도로 질주하며 자신의 한계에 도전하세요.


Featuring a light and lively frameset boasting 110mm of rear suspension travel and 130mm up front, this aggressive XC machine is ultra-versatile. With geometry designed specifically for its 27.5 wheels, and smooth Maestro suspension to soak up the bumps, it’s the perfect blend of efficiency and control. The rear suspension features a trunnion-mount shock and Advanced Forged composite rocker arm for added strength and stiffness. And Boost hub spacing (110 front/148 rear) means stiffer wheels for added control. It’s a perfect choice for riders seeking a lightweight, quick-handling ripper. 

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