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SL 1 Climbing WheelSystem

€ 229,95 - € 319,95 € 229,99


Balanced attack. The all new SL 1 climbing wheelsystem features Giant's breakthrough Dynamic Balanced Lacing technology which ensures rear wheel spoke tensions are balanced under load - not while static. The result of years of development with Giant engineers, product designers and pro athletes, DBL produces a wheel that offers improved acceleration and climbing response along with durability, while optimised anchor points increase lateral stiffness for exceptional cornering performance. Clincher and tubeless compatible, SL 1's lightweight alloy construction produces a wheelsystem that weighs in at just 1585g while offering an unbeatable ride.


• Tecnologia Double Balance Lacing™(DBL)
• Cerchio in alluminio 30mm
• Sistema QR
• Peso 1585g (coppia)


RIF. 350000081 ANTERIORE 229,99€
RIF. 350000082 POSTERIORE 319,99€


Behind the performance of Giant on-road WheelSystems are a number of innovative technologies that, together, deliver superior efficiency, pinpoint control and engineered durability. Here’s a look at the technologies you’ll find in new high-performance on-road WheelSystems such as the SLR 0.

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