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Gravel Crusher

Introducing the all-new Revolt range

Ride rough roads and dirt with smooth efficiency. Hammer out a long-distance gravel grinder. Designed with purpose-built geometry for gravel riding, plus engineered compliance in a lightweight composite frame, the all-new Revolt Advanced is the perfect way to push new limits of speed, endurance, and adventure.


Key Performance Factors

Versatile Gravel Geometry

All-new gravel-riding geometry is designed for long-distance comfort and efficiency on variable terrain. It has a slightly taller stack height compared to Giant’s TCX cyclocross bikes, and a reach that’s optimized for performance on varied terrain. The fork geometry is also tuned for this type of riding, with a 50mm rake and 74mm trail, which produces a front end that feels responsive and nimble on the road but is also relaxed enough to offer confidence and control on more rugged terrain. In addition, a slightly lower bottom bracket improves the bike’s stability and efficiency for endurance riding.

Tuned Compliance

An innovative new Contact XR D-Fuse handlebar and D-Fuse seatpost work as a system to help absorb shock without sacrificing the stiffness needed for aggressive performance. Design elements including a lower seatstay junction help absorb road shocks and vibrations. A new full carbon fork increases tire clearance (compatible with up to 45c) while soaking up bumps to help optimize front-end compliance.

All-Round Efficiency

The Advanced composite frame maximizes pedaling power with all-round versatility, giving Revolt Advanced a smooth, fast ride quality on variable riding surfaces. The frame features many of the same design elements as Giant road bikes including an OverDrive steerer tube for steering precision, plus a MegaDrive downtube and PowerCore bottom bracket area for lateral stiffness and pedaling efficiency.