Gavia AC 0 Kevlar Tubeless Tire

€ 52,99


The Giant AC0 tubeless tyres are ready to roll, no matter what the conditions are. All condition tread design allows better traction in a wide range of conditions, deLivering superb grip all year round. By running tubeless, the reduced air pressure enhances ride comfort and reduces the risk of punctures. The supple 170TPI casing provides an exceptionally smooth ride whilst being hard wearing and the DEFLECT 2 lite lightweight nylon protection belt under the tread deLivers excellent puncture protection, allowing you to get on with the most important thing - riding.


• Pneumatico tubeless ready 170 TPI,
• Componente del battistrada impregnato di silice
• Protezione in kevlar e tiranti flessibili
• Tutte le condizioni
• Peso 278 g



€ 52,99

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