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Using extensive CFD analysis and dynamic wind tunnel testing, more than 250 different frame configurations were developed and tested before finalizing the 2016 Trinity Advanced Pro frameset. To provide triathletes the ultimate aerodynamic advantage without any UCI constraints, the Trinity Advanced Pro is engineered with triathlon-specific features and optimized with Giant’s AeroSystem Shaping Technology. The result is the fastest Trinity ever.


Beginning in 2010 with a 3D scan of Giant test rider and former professional racer Grischa Niermann, Giant and development partner Aero Concept Engineering created a new, dynamic approach to wind-tunnel testing using an exact 1:1 scale mannequin, aptly named “Grischa.”

Designed with anatomically correct articulating legs, this dynamic mannequin allows Giant engineers to measure not only pressure drag and friction drag, but the precise aerodynamic interaction that occurs between the rider and bicycle while in motion—a feat not achievable using CFD or industry-standard wind-tunnel testing. By using a dynamic mannequin rather than a human rider, Giant is able to perform consistent testing, eliminating unwanted variables such as changes in body position or pedaling cadence.

In addition to Grischa, a one-off aluminum CNC’d prototype frame was developed to give Giant engineers the ability to quickly test different frame and component designs in the wind tunnel. Through this comprehensive process using both CFD analysis and dynamic wind tunnel development and testing, Giant engineers confidently optimized the Trinity Advanced Pro’s AeroSystem frame design for real-world aerodynamic performance.

(From left to right) The development process begins with extensive analysis using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). Dynamic testing in the wind tunnel using an aluminum prototype frame and the Grischa mannequin allows Giant engineers to test frame designs in real-world conditions. Production sample wind tunnel testing verifies Trinity’s performance before commercial release.

AeroSystem Shaping Technology

Giant’s AeroSystem Shaping Technology is an approach to frame design that analyzes the distinct airflow conditions each area of the frame encounters to maximize the performance of the frame as a cohesive unit. Every tube profile, position and junction has been engineered, developed and tested extensively to work together to minimize drag and control airflow across all relevant yaw angles.

Triathlon-Specific Design

When compared to Trinity Advanced Pro’s TT configuration, the triathlon-specific components reduce drag by an average of 15 watts at 50kph across 0-30 degrees yaw.


Triathletes must carefully manage hydration and nutrition needs on the bike. The AeroVault System delivers an engineered approach to hydration and storage that doesn’t sacrifice aerodynamics. By developing the AeroVault System and Trinity frameset as a cohesive unit, this is the only triathlon bike tested that is actually faster with hydration and storage installed than it is without.

Wind Tunnel Testing

To validate Trinity’s aerodynamic performance as a complete system, Trinity and four key competitors were tested at ACE wind tunnel in Magny-Cours, France. Each bike was tested with and without its corresponding hydration and storage components to determine the most accurate aerodynamic performance in a race-ready configuration. Developed with AeroVault as a cohesive unit, the Trinity Advanced Pro was the only bike that was more aerodynamic with its hydration and storage components installed than without.


Average Drag: 0-30 Yaw Angle


The grueling distance of triathlon competition requires riders to balance aerodynamic performance with comfort. The 2016 Trinity Advanced Pro features improved geometry and functionality for triathletes to help riders achieve their ideal fit. Along with refined frame geometry, Trinity Advanced Pro’s cockpit design features a wider range of adjustability and a simplified assembly.


Working with our global community of athletes and bike fit professionals, Giant engineers reevaluated and refined Trinity’s frame geometry to meet the needs of triathletes of all sizes, shapes and fitness levels. Now offered in four frame sizes rather than three, Trinity Advanced Pro provides a wider overall fit range than before. Trinity’s proprietary 80-millimeter length AeroDrive stem is better optimized for bike handling from the extensions, and features a triathlon-specific design with 30 millimeters of additional rise compared to the AeroDrive TT stem.

Improved Adjustment Range

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