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Giant offers three different SyncDrive motor options for its various E-bike models. Each one is engineered and tuned to support specific riding styles. From daily commutes to recreational and high-performance road and off-road riding, there’s a SyncDrive motor for every E-bike adventure. Here’s a look at the three levels of SyncDrive.

SyncDrive Motors

SyncDrive Life

SyncDrive Life is ideal for city E-bikes used for daily transportation or recreation. These motors have Smart Assist technology, featuring six sensors including a slope detection sensor and an accelerometer.

SyncDrive Sport

The new, sonically tuned compact SyncDrive Sport motor is updated with 6-sensor Smart Assist technology for smooth, quiet performance. The new compact motor is the ideal solution for riders seeking a versatile, do-it-all E-bike experience.

SyncDrive Pro

SyncDrive Pro is updated for 2020 with Smart Assist technology tuned to deliver a powerful, performance-oriented riding style with improved assistance at higher cadences.


SyncDrive Motors Overview

SyncDrive LifeSyncDrive SportSyncDrive Pro
  • Natural feel
  • Smart Assist mode
  • Most powerful city motor
  • Smart tunable support
  • 6 Sensor Technology
  • Silent
  • Natural feel
  • 350% Support
  • Smart Assist mode
  • High cadence support
  • Smart tunable support
  • Natural feel
  • 360% Support
  • Very high cadence support
  • Smart tunable support
Drive Unit TypeCenter MotorCenter MotorCenter Motor
Maximum Torque60Nm70Nm80Nm
Motor Weight3.4kg3.4kg3.1kg
Sensor Technology6-Sensor Technology6-Sensor Technology6-Sensor Technology
Support Percentage (Min - Max)50 - 300%50 - 350%50 - 360%
Smart-Assist Mode1.5A1.5A1.5A
Support Levels555
Microassist Levels91111
Cadence Supported110130 / 140155 / 170
Max Light Output (6V)1.5A1.5A1.5A
Max Amp USB PortDisplay dependentDisplay dependentDisplay dependent
Support Modes & Default Support RatiosSport+ (300% default)
Sport (200% default)
Normal (150% default)
Eco+ (100% default)
Eco (75%)

Sport+ (350% default)
Sport (300% default)
Normal (250% default)
Eco+ (175% default)
Eco (100% default)
Power (360% default)
Sport (300% default)
Active (250% default)
Basic (175% default)
Eco (100% default)
Maximum CadenceSport+ (110 rpm)
Sport (110 rpm)
Normal (110 rpm)
Eco+ (110 rpm)
Eco (110 rpm)
Sport+ (140 rpm)
Sport (130/140 rpm)
Normal (130 rpm)
Eco+ (130 rpm)
Eco (130 rpm)
Power (170 rpm)
Sport (155/170 rpm)
Active (155 rpm)
Basic (155 rpm)
Eco (155 rpm)