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Five years after the introduction of our acclaimed SLR 0/1 and aero road WheelSystems, Giant now introduces a whole new offering that brings lightweight performance to the next level. Built for serious road riders with zero compromise on strength, durability, efficiency and braking performance, our all-new lightweight SLR WheelSystems are the result of years of engineering innovation, materials optimization and extensive pro rider testing and feedback.

Lightweight Advantage

Giant’s hookless rim design enhances overall durability and allows for a wider inner rim width without adding unnecessary weight, while an optimized carbon layup uses Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to place material only where needed, creating an exceptionally robust structure at minimum weight. Additionally, the all-new wider rim inner width hookless rim allows a smaller, lighter tire to have the same volume as a larger, heavier tire, resulting in a lower overall weight.

Superior Efficiency

Giant road WheelSystems have been known for their efficiency and durability since day one. By leveraging Dynamic Balanced Lacing (DBL), our exclusive wheel technology, we ensure spokes are set for optimal tension when under dynamic load, resulting in a stiffer, faster and tougher wheel.

Reduced Power Loss

With precision machined internals eliminating excessive bearing load, reducing bearing friction and minimizing rolling resistance, the SLR WheelSystem’s Low Friction Hub reduces power loss from the very outset.


Improved Tire Performance

Giant’s new hookless rim design provides better support for higher volume tires and creates a rounder tire shape for more stable cornering.

Better Braking

Utilizing Giant’s proprietary High Glass Transition Temperature (TG) resin, plus our optimized carbon layup, Giant’s rim brake SLR WheelSystems offer unparalleled heat tolerance on the brake track for more controlled braking performance.

Inside the All-New SLR Road Wheels

Behind the outstanding performance of the new SLR Road Wheels are several innovative technologies that deliver lightweight advantage, max power transfer and confident handling.

Hookless Technology

Giant hookless rim design offers performance advantages including lighter weight, enhanced durability, confident handling and aero advantage

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Low Friction Hub

In order to eliminate the power loss that occurs through the pressure from the hub internals on the bearings, Giant uses precision machined internals to eliminate excessive load, reduce bearing friction and minimize rolling resistance.

Optimized Carbon Layup
Optimized Carbon Layup
Through high-tensile strength carbon fiber placed at the most crucial points and tested with Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Giant’s engineers overcame the challenge of building wheels that are as durable as they are lightweight. With industry-leading stiffness, ride compliance and strength all at the lightest weight possible, the new SLR WheelSystems are fast and strong.
Dynamic Balanced Lacing
Dynamic Balanced Lacing
Since its introduction in 2015, Dynamic Balanced Lacing (DBL) has been the cornerstone of Giant WheelSystems. DBL ensures that spokes are set for optimal tension when under dynamic load, resulting in enhanced durability and pedaling efficiency. The enlarged DBL hub flange also increases the spoke bracing angles, which boosts overall torsional/transmission and lateral stiffness for better power transfer and more stable sprinting.
High TG Resin
High TG Resin
Giant’s proprietary High Glass Transition Temperature (Tg) resin helps produce a brake track that withstands the higher heat caused by heavy rim braking, enhancing the rim’s long-term durability and braking performance.