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Dynamic Cycling Fit

Ride Farther and in More Comfort

Giant performance saddles use our unique Dynamic Cycling Fit to help eliminate sit bone pain, allowing you to ride your bike longer distances and in more comfort, no matter what your riding discipline or style.


Pelvic contact condition matters

Saddle brands have typically assumed that the key to finding correct saddle fit has been to measure the distance between riders sit bones. Through development of our Dynamic Cycling Fit, Giant has discovered that it is not sit bone width but the angle at which a rider contacts the saddle, or the pelvic contact condition, which dictates the most comfortable saddle choice. Through Giant’s 5 step saddle fit process, riders can discover if their pelvic contact condition is upright, forward or neutral, and select the perfect saddle accordingly.

Giant’s 5 Step Saddle Fit Process

Dynamic Cycling Fit is a simple yet highly effective process to ensure every rider finds the best fitting saddle every time.

1. Rider Preparation

Start by wearing pants or shorts that are made of thin, unobtrusive material, and make sure to remove your phone, wallet and other objects from your pockets.

2. Reference Measurement

A Giant Retail Technician will place your bike on a trainer and then measure your current saddle to find the spot where the saddle is 80mm wide. From there, he or she will record your saddle height and handlebar reach on your bike.

3. Fitting Tool Setup

The Giant Retail Technician will then remove your current saddle and set up the saddle fitting tool on your bike, using the previously recorded saddle height and handlebar reach, making sure that it is level and parallel to the ground.

4. Dynamic Measurement

Sit in your natural riding position and pedal at a cadence of about 50-70 rpm for at least two minutes. This will give the most accurate impression of your pelvic contact condition on the saddle fitting tool.

5. Pelvic Contact Impression Evaluation and Test Ride

Using the pelvic contact results from the saddle fitting tool as guide, the Giant Retail Technician will select the appropriate Giant test saddle and have you go for a ride outdoors or use the trainer for at least five minutes to determine if the correct choice has been made.

How to Evaluate Your Impression


The pelvic contact condition result is Forward if one, or both, of the following zones are visible:

  • Zone 4
  • Zones 1 & 2


The pelvic contact condition result is Neutral if the following zones are visible:

  • Zones 1, 2 and 3


The pelvic contact condition result is Upright if the following zones are visible:

  • Zones 2 & 3

DCF Contact Condition & Shape

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