Inspired by the premium Rev Pro and Rev Elite helmets, the Rev Comp combines maximum ventilation and comfort with certified protection and sleek, modern looks. Featuring 18 wide, head-cooling channels, an integrated Mips Evolve Core low-friction layer, and four-position rear height adjustment, it’s the perfect budget-conscious choice for performance-minded riders.

Key Performance Factors


Intuitive four-position rear height adjustment system and a new universal head form allow you to dial in the perfect fit. And a lightweight anti-microbial strap with a quick side-release buckle make for easy-wearing.


Integrated Mips® Evolve Core low-friction layer, attached to the inner surface of the energy-absorbing liner, reduces rotational forces that would otherwise be transmitted to the brain during an angled impact. With a five-star rating from the Virginia Tech Helmet Safety Lab, protection is certified.


With the same refined aerodynamic shaping and modern look as the top-tier Rev Elite, the Rev Comp brings the flair without breaking the bank.



With a trusted Mips® Evolve Core protection system, 18 head-cooling vents and a customizable fit, this stylish all-rounder helmet offers certified protection and maximum comfort.

Rev Comp Helmet with interactive tooltips

Techs & Features

Mips Evolve Core
Virginia Tech 5 Star Rating