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This updated EnergyPak is mounted in the downtube of Giant E-bikes. It features a more minimalist, streamlilned downtube design. With an aluminum casing, molded bottom protector and double lock feature, the Downtube EnergyPak can handle rough rides. It can communicate with the charger and has highly innovative cells that are individually controlled by the smart charger for a longer lifetime. The heat is managed internally by having double the space between cells and more temperature control. This makes it safer to handle. This EnergyPak is also easy to access. With one push of a button, it releases from the downtube and is ready to charge. The EnergyPak is equipped with highly innovative cells that are charged more than 60% within 90 minutes.

Key Performance Factors


The Downtube EnergyPak offers a cleanly integrated design with a more minimalist downtube profile.


Easy and safe to handle, the Downtube EnergyPak has two locks so it can be removed without any hassles.


Offers smart charging with 6 Ampere charging possibilities that can reach over 60% of capacity within 90 minutes.