ErgoContact Saddle

Current price: €45
Inheriting the comfortable ergonomics of the ErgoContact sport saddle, the ErgoContact Trail offers exceptional support and increased freedom of movement for dynamic off-road riding. Manufactured with no harmful volatile organic compounds and using 100% recyclable materials, the ErgoContact Trail saddle is also the first environmentally-focused saddle in the Giant components product line.


  • Trail-specific ergonomic shaping is designed for smooth movement
  • Inward sideline curves provide more space for better pedaling.
  • Enclosed cut-out design prevents mud and water ingress while the deeper and more flexible middle section helps relieve soft tissue pressure and reduces numbness
  • Side-Wrap technology covers the edge of the saddle with high-elastic padding, reducing friction and providing better side and rear shock absorption when moving on and off the saddle
  • Side-Flex technology allows the sides of the saddle base to flex and adapt, reducing abrasion and impact on the inner thigh
  • Impact-resistant PP saddle base better absorbs vibration and impact
  • Giant Rebound premium saddle padding gives premium comfort while contributing to overall weight savings
  • Innovative Vacuum Bond Process eliminates the use of glue during assembling, helping reduce harmful Volatile
  • Organic Compound (VOC) emissions.


"Weight: 350g
Rail Material: Steel
Rail Size: 7mm
Shell: Polypropylene
Padding: High Density Foam
Width: 145mm
Length: 270mm
Stack Height: 52mm"

All specifications listed are subject to change without notice.