Giant Moments 2011

Giant Moments 2011

31 december 2011

It was a momentous year for the athletes that ride Giant. They stepped onto podiums and won world championships. They pushed themselves, and their bikes, to new heights. In the dirt and on the road. Against the competition, the clock and the terrain.

The Rabobank road team won championships and introduced new talent at the world’s biggest races. They sprinted for glory, suffered up climbs and left everything on the road.

The Rabobank-Giant Off-Road team captured World Cups and rainbow stripes on singletrack XC trails and the muddy battlefields of cyclocross.

And downhiller Danny Hart of the Giant Factory Off-Road Team unleashed one of the most memorable performances ever seen on two wheels when he careened down a Swiss mountain to win the world championship.

Road, mountain biking, cyclocross, triathlon and freeride. In 2011, Giant riders did it all. We’re proud to work with them and create the tools they need to remain leaders in the world of competitive cycling.

The coming year promises more of the same. Follow all of Giant’s teams and riders on the Giant Facebook page.