Conduct Brake System


One of the key elements of riding performance is control. The more you have, the more confident you’ll feel and the more you’ll enjoy the ride. Powerful, consistent braking performance gives you more control and elevates your riding performance. The innovative new Conduct hydraulic brake system introduces Absolute Braking Stability to deLiver a new level of smooth, consistent braking power in both dry and wet conditions. Here are the three performance benefits you’ll experience when you ride Conduct hydraulic brakes.


  • The Giant Conduct Brake System allows you to convert your mechanical disc brake setup to a semi-hydraulic system
  • Cable-actuated master cylinder is fully integrated into the stem faceplate creating a clean, aero-looking design
  • Simply shorten the current cable housing and cables on the bike to mount and setup the new master cylinder on your current Giant Contact or Contact SL stem
  • No need to replace the brake lever/shifter or bar tape
  • Tests show significantly improved braking in both dry and wet conditions
  • Compared to a Shimano 105 full-hydraulic system resulted in a 21% improvement in dry conditions and 36% in wet conditions
  • Available in both Post Mount (160mm) and Flat Mount (140mm) configurations

Kit includes:

  • Conduct master cylinder
  • Front and rear calipers with pads
  • Front and rear brake hose
  • Lever to master cylinder cable housing

Conduct brake system will work only in combination with Giant Contact SL, Contact and Connect series stems. (NoteIt does not fit with Contact SLR stems.)


The key to the Conduct hydraulic brake system is its cable-actuated master cylinder. This unique design is integrated into the faceplate of the stem. It's a clean setup that combines the simplicity of mechanical disc brakes with the power and smooth feel of hydraulic. It's easy to install, too. There's no need to replace your mechanical brake lever or handlebar tape - simply shorten your current cable housing, then mount the new master cylinder on your Giant Contact SL or Contact stem. 

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