When speed is your obsession, this is your bike. You train, you put in the work, and this aero machine does the rest. Built to give you an edge when it really counts—on the attack, in the sprint, going all out—it delivers energy-saving efficiency and race-winning aero performance.

Key Performance Factors

Απόλυτη Αεροδυναμική

Η τεχνολογία AeroSystem είναι το αποτέλεσμα εκτεταμένης ανάλυσης CFD σε συνδιασμό με δοκιμές σε αεροσήραγγα. Κάθε γωνία, κάθε σημείο του σκελετού είναι κατασκευασμένο έτσι ώστε να εξοικονομεί ενέργεια και να διατηρεί υψηλή ταχύτητα.

Απόλυτος Έλεγχος

Απόλυτο φρενάρισμα σε όλες τις συνθήκες

Απόλυτες Επίδόσεις

Advanced SL-grade composite frameset features Giant’s highest performance materials and manufacturing processes for optimized stiffness and the lowest weight in its category.



Developed and proven by the fastest sprinters on the CCC Team WorldTour squad, the Propel Advanced SL Disc delivers ultimate speed through integrated aerodynamics. It’s engineered with Giant’s AeroSystem Shaping technology, which means every tube shape and angle is optimized for minimal drag. These tubes feature a truncated ellipse shape, which also result in a frame that is ultra-stiff and superlight. Disc-brake technology is integrated into the frameset with flat-mount calipers and thru-axles for optimal wheel stiffness and braking performance. For pro-level road performance and the ultimate aero advantage, the Propel Advanced SL Disc puts you ahead of the pack.

Propel Advanced SL Disc with interactive tooltips

Techs & Features

Advanced SL Composite Technology
AeroSystem Shaping Technology
OverDrive 2