VeloNews: "Rev Pro MIPS is Giant's Best Helmet to Date"

Παρασκευή, 12 Ιουνίου 2020


VeloNews put the new Rev Pro MIPS helmet to the test recently, using it for road and gravel rides to get a feel for its comfort, fit and ventilation. Editors gave it a strong 4-star review (out of 5) and claimed, “The Rev Pro MIPS is Giant’s best helmet to date.”

VeloNews technical editor Dan Cavallari detailed the design and construction of the recently released Rev Pro, which was developed with Giant road racing pros including Olympic champion Greg Van Avermaet from CCC Team.

While the Rev Pro may not look much like an aero helmet — and truth be told, it is not, in the traditional sense — it is indeed aerodynamically optimized,” Cavallari wrote. “A close look at its general shape reveals that it does in fact mirror the looks of an aero lid, with its extended rear end and overall sleek shaping.”

Using the Rev Pro for both road and gravel rides gave Cavallari a good sense of its comfort and cooling performance. “The venting in both situations was impressive, both at low speeds and high,” he wrote. “That is, for me, the major selling point of the Rev Pro: It’s a very cool helmet for hot summer rides. That, combined with a MIPS liner and a pretty neat aesthetic, make it a worthwhile lid.”

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