One trail bike to do it all. That’s the idea behind the new Trance X Advanced Pro 29 & Trance X 29, a forward-thinking mountain bike range that features premium engineering, an updated longer-travel maestro suspension system, and a new flip chip design that lets you adjust frame geometry to fine-tune the ride.

Ultimate Trail Experience

Mountain bikers know that every trail is unique, every ride a different type of challenge. Riding styles vary as much as the terrain. Oftentimes, reaching your favorite descent requires a long climb to the top. Some days you crave fast, flowy singletrack. Others are all about tight, technical trails.

Whatever the challenge, this bike is up to the task. Building on the progressive style of the Trance Advanced Pro 29 & Trance 29, it’s aimed at riders who want to blend the speed and agility of its short-travel predecessor with beefed-up suspension that opens it up to more aggressive terrain.

Maestro Suspension

A new Maestro suspension system delivers 135mm of rear-wheel travel (20mm more than the Trance 29) that absorbs bigger hits while maintaining an active, supple feel on smaller bumps. The trunnion mount shock produces a lower leverage ratio for better pedaling and braking efficiency. This design creates a lower center of gravity and shorter chainstays to improve climbing capabilities and overall handling. Also, a new, double-sealed bearing design and hardware improves durability without adding friction to the suspension system. Up front, a 150mm travel fork complements the rear suspension for a confident, balanced feel on the trail.

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Maestro Flip Chip

One of the most unique features on the Trance X 29 range is its new adjustable frame geometry technology. A flip chip on the upper rocker arm lets you choose steeper or slacker head/seattube angles depending on your riding style and terrain. You can change the head angle from 66.2 degrees to 65.5 degrees. The seattube angle adjusts from 77.9 degrees to 77.2 degrees.

Switching the geometry also changes the bottom bracket drop from 40mm in the low setting to 30mm in the high setting. The low setting gives you slacker geometry that’s better suited to faster, more open terrain, while the high setting offers steeper geometry and is recommended for slower, more technical terrain.

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Every trail is different, every ride a chance to push new limits. Adjust your expectations. Aim higher with one trail bike that can do it all.