Dan Paley grew up riding BMX in Doncaster, England and first took up mountain biking while he was recovering from a BMX crash. He was soon drawn to the new types of terrain and freedom that the sport offered. "I try to push my abilities and give everything 100 percent, whether it be bikes, boxing or cooking food," he says. "Work hard, play hard."
HometownDoncaster, United Kingdom
Where you live nowDoncaster, United Kingdom
Career highlightsHaving fun with my friends riding bikes
Sponsors/team affiliationsGiant and 50to01
Main cycling disciplines"F around and find out"
Favorite bikeTrance Advanced Pro 29
Current favorite cycling gearProbably my 50to01 waterproof jacket
Favorite place to rideAnything with jumps and weird techy setups
Dream destinationThose trails in New Zealand
What are you carrying on a long ride?Water and salt, bananas, boiled eggs (as of recent), multi-tool, probably chocolate of some sort, spare brake pads, banger tackle
Tips for new ridersHave fun, don’t compare yourself to others, push yourself, don’t let negative vibes ruin your buzz, stay hydrated (water & salt), try new stuff, surround yourself with like minded people that share the same buzz for riding and progressing. Take the bad days with the good days and don’t be so hard on yourself.
If you could ride with one person, living or dead, it would beMike Aitken
Words to live byHard work beats talent if talent doesn’t work hard.