I fell in love with riding when I was a kid, just looking for a little bit of independence, growing up on a farm in rural Manitoba. Some of my earliest memories of riding are actually just memories of me, racing myself, and trying my best to keep my dad's Giant Boulder above 20 km/h on the gravel roads around our house. I didn't do my first real race until I was 16, but being someone who was, at best, average at the more traditional stick-and-ball sports, when I found out I had a knack for pedaling I was hooked on everything to do with racing, riding, training and exploring the world around me by bicycle. 

TeamAmbassador Community
HometownBrandon, Manitoba, Canada
Where you live nowChilliwack, BC, Canada
Other team/group affiliationsEaston Overland (Gravel, MTB) Easton-Giant p/b Transitions LifeCare (Cyclocross)
Career highlightsWinning my first Elite Nationals. I had gone in the two years prior as a favorite and just crumbled under the pressure, so to be able to learn how to put it all together after failing the two years prior is something I’m still proud of.
Main cycling disciplinesCyclocross, Gravel, MTB
Favorite bikeGiant TCX Advanced Pro
Current favorite cycling gearGloves! That’s pretty vague, but I love gloves. I probably bring 5-6 different weight gloves to every ‘cross race. Usually I end up in the 100% iTrack gloves, but I like knowing I have enough options to keep my hands warm regardless of the conditions.
Favorite place to rideI love where I live, so Chilliwack!
Dream destinationCroatia to ride, Peru to visit
What are you carrying on a long ride?Pump, multi-tool, phone, and of course snacks! I prefer Dino Sours, but cookies are fine in a pinch.
Tips for new ridersJust ride, have fun, and remember that every person on the trail who looks like a pro was a beginner once too
If you could ride with one person, living or dead, it would beTwo years ago I did a bike packing trip with my dad and my two brothers into the Black Hills in South Dakota. It was the first time we’d ever all ridden together and honestly, I would just want to do something like that again.
Words to live byDon’t be afraid to make mistakes for the things you care about. Talent sets the floor, character sets the ceiling - Bill Belichick.