I’m a husband and father to three children and have been riding my bike since age 12. I love the process of training and racing, and having the ability to push myself beyond my barriers. I’ve won over 60 national championships and 500 races. My whole life has been dedicated to cycling, and my main priority now is helping others achieve their goals through my coaching company

TeamAmbassador Community
HometownWhitwick, Leicestershire, United Kingdom
Where you live nowU.K.
Other team/group affiliationsTeam Bottrill
Career highlightsMulti-time national time trial champion. Over 500 career race wins.
Main cycling disciplinesRoad and time trial
Favorite bikesGiant Trinity Advanced Pro and Propel Advanced SL Disc
Current favorite cycling gearI'm loving the new CADEX 65 WheelSystem
Favorite place to rideBoulder, Colorado
Dream destinationI really want to ride in Utah, it looks amazing
What are you carrying on a long ride?Always an inner tube and CO2. Apart from that I also have an energy gel just in case.
Tips for new ridersEnjoy, and learn from your mistakes.
If you could ride with one person, living or dead, it would beI’ve ridden with a lot of people I admire in cycling and triathlon. But I’d love to ride with Alan Sugar. Business chat along with cycling.
Words to live byHave a vision and think big. Never quit and follow your dreams.