I've been passionate about cycling in all forms since I was 12 years old. I'm a former downhill racer and won a Downhill French Cup title in my category. Today I enjoy enduro MTB and E-bikes, always looking to push my limits. I'm also frequently in the mountains for DH runs and sometimes ride Mont-Ventoux on my road bike.
TeamAmbassador Community
HometownThe foot of Mont Ventoux in Provence, France
Where you live nowBeaumes de Venise, France
Career highlightsFormer winner of Downhill French Cup
Main cycling disciplinesAll-mountain, E-enduro, DH
Favorite bikesTrance X Advanced Pro 29 and Trance X E+ Pro 29
Current favorite cycling gearMy phone to share beautiful pictures
Favorite place to rideDigne les Bains in France
Dream destinationNew Zealand
What are you carrying on a long ride?Food of course!
Tips for new ridersWatch videos with good riders and see how they ride.
If you could ride with one person, living or dead, it would beA downhill with multi-time DH world champion Nicolas Vouilloz. I’m working on it.
Words to live byLife is short so live those dreams!